An insurance company is partnering with police in Worcester, Malvern and Evesham to help people keep their catalytic convertors from being stolen.

South Worcester Local Policing Area, with help from A Plan Insurance, have bought marking kits to protect vehicles from the crime, which is on the rise nationally, and will be handing them to those most at risk.

Motorists are seeing the convertors cut from their vehicles, often in the dead of night, by oppurtunistic thieves.

But with funding from the Police Crime Commissioner, SmartWater kits have been acquired and are being distributed to the pulbic.

These kits provide each catalytic converter with a unique reference number and signage for the vehicle. This can help deter thefts and can identify stolen items.

Worcester News:

A-Plan insurance will be contacting 40 customers of vehicles that are most often targetted and offering a free catalytic converter marking kit.

They will also have kits in each of their Malvern, Worcester and Evesham Branches, free to the first 15 customers in each branch.

PC Nigel Bolton, from the Rural & Business Crime team, said: “We actively investigate any report of catalytic converter theft and there are also steps motorists can take to try and reduce the chance of your vehicle being targeted by thieves.

"If you do notice any suspicious activity where individuals are pulling up next to cars and interfering with a vehicle we would ask you to get in touch with us.”

There has been an increase in thefts over the year as the price of precious metals contained within the catalytic converter has risen.

It can take a thief less than three minutes to remove a catalytic converter from its housing on the car exhaust pipe but below are a number of ways you can help protect your property."

• Keep your vehicle in a garage if you can

• If you park it on a driveway, install motion-activated lighting and tilt alarm

• Otherwise, park in a well-lit, populated area

• Locks are also available that can be fitted to your converter

• Mark your catalytic converter with SmartWater

For crimes in progress call 999. For non-emergencies you can report to us online at