Another discount store is set to open in the High Street where HMV used to be before it closed.

Kal Singh said he is opening a Pound Shop next month and will be selling things priced at £1, £1.50 or £2.

The businessman who already owns five Pound Shops in Andover and Doncaster said: "We decided to open one here in Worcester as the city fits within our search criteria, low unemployment, high student population and is a fair distance away from major cities."

Mr Singh says he has employed five people to work at the new shop and hopes to be open for business on Wednesday, September 18.

He added: "We feel pound shops have strayed away from what they once were. In our shop every single item will be priced at £1, £1.50 or £2.

"We will not focus on food and drink as most pound shops tend to do, but provide everyday essential items from hardware to pet food at the lowest prices on the high street."

The unit now owned by Mr Singh has been empty for almost three years after music chain HMV closed in 2019.

HMV was bought by Sunrise Records owner Doug Putman.

Neil Taylor, who looks after Mr Putman’s business interests in the UK, said: “We are continuing to review our entire property portfolio and are working hard with landlords to ensure the long-term success for HMV.

“Unfortunately, on this occasion, the Worcester store was no longer a viable business option for us under the lease terms, so we had no choice but to close it.

“The closure is no reflection of our superb staff, and we would like to thank them for their commitment and years of tireless service.”

Worcester city centre currently has a Poundland, a Home Bargains, a B&M and a Bargain Buys within walking distance of each other.

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