PASSIONATE pleas have been made by walkers desperate to have a popular riverside path safely reopened.

Handmade signs have gone up on the gates leading down to the path, near Chacewater Avenue in Northwick.

The path is closed between the gates and Northwick Lido with criminal damage at both sites according to Worcestershire County Council.

A spokesperson said safety barriers and signs have recently been intentionally damaged.

There is still no date for the reopening of the path towards The Slip which has been closed for about seven months because of "natural erosion" near Northwick Marina.

Walkers have been warned by the county council that the riverside path is still expected to be closed for some time.

Handmade signs have gone up begging for its return reading: "Can we have our riverside walk back please".

Someone else has added to the sign by writing on it "Here, here! Agreed."

The county council also claim that there has been criminal damage to safety barriers and signs at the site.

Councillor Mel Allcott (Claines/Lib dem) said she was constantly receiving messages from people in the area about the path.

"It's the single biggest issue in Claines.

"Many people have contacted me about The Slip and they are regularly in touch.

"It is still a huge issue and people are very upset about this.

"A lot of people have walked that way for years. 

"I went on the walk myself with a friend and when you have to walk on the roadside you understand how much of the path is blocked off.

"You can understand why people are upset and why they're worried they're going to lose it."

Worcester News:

She said she was hoping to get a partial reopening of the path and is speaking to landowners to see if they could use private land as a diversion.

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council said: “The path remains closed due to the natural erosion by the river.

"We are in discussion with relevant parties regarding a resolution, however it is likely the path will remain closed for some time.

"We have been made aware of recent incidents of criminal damage to safety barriers and signage on site, we would like to remind members of the public that the path is legally closed for public safety reasons.

"We would strongly advise against people accessing the site or removing signs whilst the site remains closed, they are risking their own safety and the safety of others.”