PLANS to bring an artisan food hall and wine shop to the ground floor of the old fire station have fallen through, says the developer.

The Old Fire Station will soon be transformed into 28 luxury apartments thanks to Malvern-based developer Guthrie Robert.

But the plan to work with Bottles owner Richard Everton on a foodhall and wine shop has been scrapped.

Ben Roberts, managing director of Guthrie Roberts, said: "We are very excited to announce that there has been a huge amount of progress at the Old Fire Station in the last two months including work on the residential front on the first, second and third floors.

"Beautiful new timber sash windows have replaced the older versions and we cannot wait to unveil our show room in December, where we will reveal our detailed plans for our 28 luxury contemporary apartments, a mix of one-to-three-bed, to provide options for a broad range of buyers in the heart of Worcester.

"On the commercial front, whilst it is a disappointment that we have not reached a satisfactory conclusion to move forward with Bottles, we are keen to hear from local independents and larger stores who may have an interest in our premier commercial space which will be accessed from Copenhagen Street, where the current fire entrances will be renovated to create eye-catching frontages.

"This is a very desirable location with the high street adjacent and Copenhagen street being the main pedestrian thoroughfare from the river to the city centre."

Mr Everton said it was a shame that the plans he thought were'a done deal' had fallen through but he is excited about his new venture in Reindeer Court. 

He said: "It is regrettable that the deal fell through. I was very much committed to the project and it is a shame things didn't pan out. However, we are now working on a similar sort of food hall set up in Reindeer Court. The wine shop is already up and running and is doing really well, next to come will be the artisan deli. I am very excited about what we are building here."

The multi-million-pound plans to convert part of the former fire station will include a penthouse apartment with a balcony facing Worcester Cathedral and a first-floor terrace and urban garden.

Councillors were almost unanimous in their support for the plans, although Cllr Alan Amos called the proposals a “missed opportunity.”

Cllr Andy Roberts said the plan for the fire station was a “brilliant concept” and he could not be more supportive of it.

He said: “What has happened to the building in the last 10 years has been almost offensive.”

The lack of car parking spaces angered Cllr Amos who said it was a “lie” to call the plan sustainable and it was “irresponsible” to approve only 15 space, as well as calling secure storage for 50 bikes a waste of space.

“Despite all the euphoria, this is a missed opportunity in many ways,” Cllr Amos told the committee at a meeting in the Guildhall.

“The report says this is sustainable but nobody can give me a definition of what sustainable is.

"We are talking about 52 rooms in the new development, so let’s say that is 100 people. Can somebody tell me where the hospital and GP places are, where the schools are and where the road space is?”