THE COUNCIL has not ruled out the possibility of a rainbow zebra crossing in the city after the idea was put forward by councillors.

Lynn Denham, city councillor for the Cathedral ward is reigniting her husband Paul Denham's push to install a brightly coloured rainbow zebra crossing in Lowesmoor.

She said: "We both saw that zebra crossings in other places such as Warwickshire and Lemington Spa were being painted vibrant beautiful rainbow colours and thought why can't we do that in Worcester?

"The current zebra crossing in Lowesmoor is very hard to see, it sort of sneaks up on you. The lights blend in to the colourful shop fronts and it's easy to miss. You suddenly realise 'oh there's a crossing there' and one day it could be too late!

"Painting the crossing like a rainbow would solve that safety whilst also breathing in some much needed vibrancy and colour into the city.

"Not to mention the location is perfect, we have The Flag in Lowesmoor that is a central location for the pride community in Worcester and just a little further than that we have Rainbow Hill - It's almost like it's meant to be.

"This crossing could become a practical symbol of inclusion."

In August 2019, two ‘rainbow crossings’ were added to roads in Lambeth, London, containing the same colours as those in the Pride flag, to “show solidarity with the LGBT+ community”, the borough council said.

Councillor Denham wrote a Facebook post pleading with the council to include the same kind of crossing in Worcester and they have not ruled it out.

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council, said: “All requests that are submitted to the County Council are considered and responded to appropriately.

"We will review the request to modify the zebra crossing at Lowesmoor. In compliance with regulations and national guidance, any alterations will be subject to a thorough review that will examine road safety and other considerations."

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