A SIGN has appeared on the window of a popular city fish and chip shop stating it will be closed this week.

The Crispy Cod in Pinkett Street closed yesterday and will not be re-opening until next Tuesday (21 September).

The sign reads: "The shop will be closed until Tuesday 21st September due to a family emergency. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and look forward to welcoming you again soon."

The Crispy Cod has been serving customers in Pinkett Street in Northwick for 19 years – and there has been a fish and chip shop in the same place for more than 90 years.

Owner Predrag Djuric has been busy over the last few months putting together a history of the shop with the help of Sheena Payne-Lunn, one of the co-ordinators of the immensely popular Worcester Life Stories project.

The first owner of the shop was Miss Finch who opened the shop using the garden of 1 Pinkett Street.

Since then the shop has continually served fish and chips to Worcester residents while changing hands an estimated seven times.

From Miss Finch (1930) to Mr Hales (c1937), to Mr Ricketts (c. 1950), to Mr Frank Darke (c1960), to Mr. Rene Baldwin (c1970), to Mr Dukes (c1980), to Mr Barry Briges (1987) and finally to Predrag and his wife, Mila, who received the keys to the shop in 2002.

Predrag previously told the Worcester News: “It’s now coming up to 19 years that we have been here, and we have been immensely proud to be a part of the shop’s history and to follow in the footsteps of the previous owners by serving the community.

“Fish and chips has been served in the same location as the current shop since the year 1930, which means that last year we celebrated the shop’s 90th anniversary.

“In order to mark the occasion we created a photo display of old photos of the local area. This was with the help of Sheena Payne-Lunn at the Northwick Manor Community Heritage Project and the display is currently hanging up on the wall of the shop.”