A WOMAN is appealing for the dashcam footage from a road-side saviour, following a "serious" crash in Worcestershire last weekend.

Sophie Hill, 27, is trying to find the witness who promised to provide the footage from the two-vehicle crash that happened in Main Road, Kempsey on Saturday.

She said: "He handed me his business card, but in the stress of it all, we've misplaced it.

"It's really important that I can provide the evidence to my insurance company. It was such a terrifying moment for me, but I really want to find him and say thanks as he was brilliant."

She added: "I'm so grateful."

The dog walker and trainer was driving to a customers home at 11.30am when the crash happened - with client's dog in the car.

She said: "I had just passed the Talbot on my left and I was coming up to the Squires Walk turning on my left when a blue BMW tried to cut in front of me.

"My car was thrown on to the pavement. It's now a complete write off – you could see my engine that’s how bad it was. All of drivers side front end was crumpled. The impact of the crash had ripped out part of the engine and there was all sorts of fluid everywhere."

She said she was worried she was going to crash in to the brick wall next to the pavement, but felt "lucky" she hadn't.

She said: "A lovely chap came over and forced the car door open to get me out. The dog was ok, but I had really bad neck pain on the day. The off-duty paramedic was amazing so hands up to her."

A further visit to the accident and emergency department at Worcestershire Royal Hospital on Sunday showed Sophie is suffering from a broken hip, bruises, whiplash and a concussion.

She added: "I'm really shaken at the moment. I haven’t got much of a choice on whether I ge back behind the wheel because of work, so at the moment I'm focusing on getting the footage from the crash."

A spokesman from West Midlands Ambulance said: "One ambulance attended the scene. On arrival we discovered one patient, a woman, who was the driver of one of the cars. She was treated for injuries not believed to be serious before being taken to Worcester Royal Hospital for further treatment."