THE UNIVERSITY of Worcester is reminding students not to walk home alone late at night.

Free minibuses are being provided this week to ensure students are staying safe.

The buses will run from 9-11pm and 1-1.30am between the Student Union and Tramps Nightclub in the city centre.

The University of Worcester and Worcester Students’ Union previously launched a night bus service in partnership with First Bus.

However, the service called the 31N, was scrapped last year due to no longer being 'viable'.

A spokesman for The University said: “The University was pleased to be able to pilot a night bus service for students in partnership with First Bus and supported by Worcester Students’ Union, as we are always keen to explore new initiatives to develop the student experience.

"Unfortunately take up of the service during Semester One was not strong enough to make it feasible to extend into Semester Two, partly due to issues around the operating hours.

"We continue to work with the Students’ Union to explore alternative options for the next academic year, and would welcome a wider discussion around public transport for the whole community. The Students’ Union has already negotiated an agreement with a local taxi firm to offer fixed rates for students.

"The safety of students is always paramount and, together with Worcester Students’ Union, the University runs a number of campaigns throughout the year to promote personal safety and wellbeing.

"The University also has a dedicated Security Team on campus 24/7, who provide visible support in the city centre on busy student nights, as well as two dedicated Police Community Support Officers.”

Students argued that scrapping the night bus service, was irresponsible and makes it more dangerous for people trying to get home at night, whether that be from nights out or late lectures.