ICONIC street lanterns on Worcester Bridge will be preserved and refurbished.

After almost 100 years illuminating the river bridge the lanterns have deteriorated following decades of exposure to river flooding conditions, as well as suffering corrosion and general wear and tear.

The Worcestershire County Council project will take approximately a year to complete and consists of four phases.

The first phase includes two lanterns removed last month, a further four taken down last weekend, and an additional two lanterns and brackets planned to be removed on Sunday, September 19.

The eight lanterns, which date back to the 1930s, will then be sent on to a specialist contractor for refurbishment.

Councillor Alan Amos, cabinet member with Responsibility for Highways and Transport at Worcestershire County Council, said: "It is fantastic that we are able to keep these lanterns on Worcester Bridge.

"They are genuine streetlights and date back the 1930s, which makes them a significant heritage item.

"Much of the detail has been lost under many years of grime and paint so it will be wonderful to see them fully restored to their original brass.

“These streetlights contribute a great deal to the street scene in Worcester.

"They are unique to the City and hugely contribute to the style and age of the area’’.

The renovations will include the stripping back years of previous paintwork to the original brass finish and fitting new LED lamps to reduce energy consumption and ongoing maintenance costs.

The old, hinged doors will be modified to ensure the integrity of the luminaire housing.

It is expected that the first eight renovated lanterns will be reinstalled early next year with the remaining phases following on.

At the same time, the column's paintwork will be cleaned and assessed for wear and tear.