PEOPLE living on a main route into the city centre are angry at being given less than 24 hours notice that postponed roadworks will be taking place today.

The temporary yellow line was due to be painted on London Road earlier this month but was called off, then on, then finally back off again.

The affected residents were told yesterday (Tuesday) that the delayed work would be going ahead today.

Worcestershire County Council said the 'no waiting' lines will be painted on temporarily to see if it will ease congestion but residents fear it will push drivers to park on busy side roads.

Cars will not be allowed to park on the yellow lines between 7am and 7pm.

Cllr Louise Griffiths said she was furious the Highways department had not given residents more notice of the roadworks.

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"I’m absolutely furious about the fact the county have gone back on their promises to communicate properly.

"Jon Fraser (the council's head of highways) recognised communication had been poor and planned to 'communicate with more clarity' but less than 24 hours notice is not giving more clarity nor is it giving time for people to make adequate arrangements."

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council said it had been in regular contact with residents.


“We have notified residents today (14 September) that their cars will need to be moved for the painting of a yellow line to take place tomorrow (15 September).

"We have been in regular contact with residents regarding this and residents had been told in advance that this work would take place in September.

"Congestion is a key priority for Worcestershire County Council and this will form part of ongoing work to improve traffic flow in Worcester.”

Residents on Fort Royal Hill also oppose the no waiting restrictions as they fear it will push people to park on the already congested road.

Penny Perrett, who lives on Fort Royal Hill, said: "Anyone driving up or down London Road at this point can see quite clearly that any congestion is only ever at peak times and is extremely minor.

"And yet the houses affected will have nowhere to park their vehicles during the hours of 7am-7pm and so will have to use the already overcrowded side streets.

"The residents have objected, as have the residents of Fort Royal Hill which already has non-residents using the street as a free car park.

"Sadly most city residents are not in a position where they can totally do without their cars."