IF you have been in north Worcester chances are you have heard strange noises.

They have been described as gun shots, a series of small explosions or fireworks coming from the Blackpole and Hindlip area.

The sound has been heard throughout the day leaving people scratching their heads.

But it seems that there is an easy explanation - and it has nothing to do with daylight fireworks or anything sinister.

West Mercia Police has confirmed that there has been firearms training at its headquarters in Hindlip.

One shopper at the Elgar Retail Park, Blackpole Road, said: "I could hear a series of short bangs at random times.

"There would be a few one minute or a long series of bangs.

"I wondered at first if it was some nearby building work but the noises kept going and I wasn't sure what they were.

"It sounded like fireworks but it was about 9am so it was a weird time to have a display."

A spokesperson for the police said the training would be lasting all week.