NEXT week three iconic buildings in Worcester will be illuminated to raise awareness of Organ Donation Week.

On Monday The Hive will be illuminated, followed by the Worcester University Art House building on Wednesday and finally The Guildhall on Friday.

Organised by Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust the illuminations will be used to raise awareness of organ donation.

This year people are being urged to discuss organ donation with their families especially following the law change last year in England, which means that all adults are seen as willing to donate their organs, unless they opt out or are in one of the excluded groups.

The Organ Donation Attitudinal Survey found across the country 49 per cent of people have have a conversation about organ donation and 39 per cent said they had shared their decision on whether they want to donate.

In the West Midlands there are 1,877,700 people listed on the NHS ODR opt-in registrations but that is just 33 per cent of the population.

In Worcestershire, between 2019 and 20, from 16 consented donors the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust facilitated nine actual solid organ donors resulting in 19 patients receiving a life-saving or life-changing transplant.