THE POLICE have been handing out fines to drivers blocking the pavements in St. John's.

Five fixed penalty notices were handed out by police and traffic enforcement officers on Tuesday evening.

The crackdown has been welcomed by St. John's city councillor, Richard Udall, who says pavement parking is a major issue for the area.

He said: "I have received many complaints about parking on both sides of the road on double yellow lines in Bush Walk, Henwick Road and the Bull Ring.

"Cars are parked on the yellow lines every night, sometimes so badly people have to walk in the road and mobility scooters are unable to pass.

"I suspect it's mostly connected to fast food deliveries, but they have no excuses; they are causing a danger and a hazard.

"Obstructive parking has been a problem in St John's for some time, some drivers appear to believe the rules do not apply to them or think hazard warning lights are really "park anywhere lights."

"We have been requesting police action to remove obstructive vehicles and I am more than pleased that it appears to be happening.

"St John's is a community shopping area, it's home to many of us, the parking abuse needs to stop and respect for residents, shoppers and other retailers needs to increase.

"Enforcement is very welcome, I hope those causing the problems will learn the lessons from their parking tickets, the restrictions exist to keep the area safe and they need to comply."