PUB landlords have defended their decision to fine people who misuse their car park - as punters claim they have been caught out. 

Jon Dean and Will Bradley who run The Alma Tavern In Droitwich Road have been slated on social media for introducing a new system where customers must tap in their registration number at the bar when parking outside or risk being sent a £60 fine. 

The pair have defended the decision after angry locals claim they have been sent fines by Creative Parking Solutions after not realising the new system was in place - Some have gone as far to say they will be 'boycotting' the pub.

Worcester News:


Mr Dean said: "The new system has been in place since July of this year, as have the signs both in the car park and the pub itself reminding customers to leave their registration numbers when using our car parking facilities. 

"We are not nor will we ever be charging customers to park, we are just making sure that the car park is not misused by people who are not coming into the pub.

"Our car park is very small, with only 13 spaces it is important that we keep them all free for our customers.

"We got to a point when the car park would be full by midday as people were using it to walk into town or jump on the bus. 

"The majority of our regulars are elderly or disabled, so ensuring they have a place to park is a priority, instead of them having to park on nearby streets.

"We have brought in the car parking system to make sure our spaces are protected for our loyal and supportive customers."

Mr Dean admitted that they had received 15-20 phone calls from irked customers who had been wrongly fined by the company after having forgotten or not realised they had to leave their registration. 

He said: "We have rectified the situation and all fines that were accidentally handed out to paying customers have been withdrawn.

"We have ensured that all staff remind customers on their way in and out of the pub to enter their reg so hopefully this doesn't happen again in the future

"We also would like to point out we don't ever profit from any fines collected."