The DVLA is warning about a potential £1,000 fine amid changes to the law on the road.

Drivers who tow a caravan or a trailer without the right licence face a big sting if caught.

Change to the law means that you can drive with a caravan or trailer in tow without having to take a test as done previously from later in 2021, believed to be in the Autumn.

However, tests to make you roadworthy will stop from September 20 meaning a gap before you can carry on with your caravan or trailer.

From then when the DVLA issues new licences the category BE will be added for drivers, meaning they can drive with caravans or trailers.

According to the Governments website until the law change in the Autumn  you must stick to the current rules about what you’re allowed to tow based on when you passed your car driving test.

“You can be fined up to £1,000, be banned from driving and get up to six penalty points on your driving licence if you tow anything heavier before the law changes,” it reads.

“You’re only allowed to tow anything heavier if you’re being supervised.

“When you’re being supervised, you must display L plates to the front of the car and the rear of the trailer.”

Drivers must also be accompanied by a person who’s at least 21 years old and has had category BE on their driving licence for at least three years.

Neil Worth, chief executive of GEM Motoring Assist, said drivers must put safety first on every towing journey.

 “Doing away with the test raises safety concerns, but we take the view that individual responsibility must be even more of a priority for every driver who’s towing,” he said.

“We all need to ensure we know what we’re doing before setting off with a trailer.

“For example, what if we are on a narrow lane and we have to reverse? What if we encounter strong crosswinds? What if the trailer becomes unstable and starts snaking behind us?”