A FIGHT broke out between two women in broad daylight behind a phone box in Worcester city centre, leaving one bleeding from her face.

Punches were exchanged between the two women by Tesco Express in Foregate Street after the pair hurled expletives and insults at each other in front of shocked bystanders at around 1.15pm today.

One spoke of going 'away from the cameras' to have it out as the two traded insults, sometimes from across the other side of the road.

Another woman, a bystander, can be seen cradling her baby as the two women square up to each other, shouting and posturing.

One of them can be heard shouting 'Why ain't you dead yet?' during the ugly scenes as shoppers were out buying lunch.

After the fight the one of the women can be heard shouting "pack it in".

At one stage Tesco staff came out of the shop to try and defuse the situation and eventually the two women went their separate ways.

One of the women could be seen wiping blood off her face while the other had blood on her knuckles, according to an eye-witness.

No police attended during the incident itself.