OPPORTUNISTIC burglars stole a giant television after breaking into a building at Worcester Racecourse.

But it is hoped they may have been easily spotted as they would have had to lug the 70-inch television across Pitchcroft.

General manager Michael Thomas said that it would have taken at least two people to carry the 70-inch state-of-the-art Mitchell & Brown television.

Security has now been stepped up and televisions removed after burglars broke into the traditional weighing room at the weekend.

"It would have taken some getting out as you can't drive any vehicle near to the building to make a quick getaway. 

"They would have had to carry it to Grandstand Road to a waiting vehicle or to the other exit.

"This is a 70-inch television so not something you can hide beneath your coat or over your arm.

"It would have taken at least two people to carry it and definitely would have needed at least two people to take it out of the window.

"I can only presume it happened in the dead of night as it would have taken great audacity to take it through the racecourse in daylight."

"We knew it was there on Friday and we were racing on Monday. As we opened the doors and getting preparations ready we noticed it had unfortunately gone.

"We know they got in by jimmying the windows and climbing through.

"It certainly wouldn't have been easy but it's a speculative break in but unfortunately for us the television was there."

The large television was used by the stewards to review footage and all televisions have now been removed from the room.

The burglary took place at Worcester Racecourse between Friday and Monday (September 10 to 13).

The previous attack by vandals happened over the night of August 12/13.

As well as kicking out the walls of the jockey's enclosure, and individual pods, vandals also smashed fridges and kicked over benches and chairs.

Anyone who saw suspicious activity in the area over the weekend or witnessed people carrying a large television near Pitchcroft are asked to call police.

Police would also like to speak to anyone with information about the burglary, or who knows of the location of the stolen television.

Contact officers by visiting https://www.westmercia.police.uk/tua/tell-us-about.
Alternatively, information can be given to the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or via the website.