A MALVERN business has officially gone into administration after deferring payments to 'several key staff' in July and then shutting their doors in August.

Sanity Marketing, which operated from Chequers Close, signed the notice to place the company into voluntary liquidation on August 31.

Some employees are still waiting for unpaid wages and director Jordan Baker admitted they 'deferred payments to several key staff' following 'cash flow issues.'

In an email sent to former staff from Mr Baker last week he said: Although it all ended abruptly and in flames – I have no regrets about coming to Malvern and building what we built during lockdown.

"We got to £1.4m in sales, 99 per cent of our partners loved our offering and have been genuinely sad that we closed, we paid over £500,000 in wages and we hired mainly young people and trained them up. Most importantly, we had a lot of fun doing it!

"After fighting through lockdown announcements, jab appointments and pingdemics, it’s anticlimactic to end because of an 8-week delay in cash – but those are the times we are living in.

"This will be the last email from me as I hand over to administrators. I’m off to lick my wounds and workout how to repay the £65k company loan I guaranteed!

"I’m pleased to hear that most of you have new roles and for those haven’t just yet, let me know if I can help in anyway."

Purnells has been named as the administrator, a spokesman for the company said: "Notices were signed on the 31 August 2021, to place the Company into Creditors Voluntary Liquidation on the 23 September 2021.

"Once the Company is in Liquidation, Purnells Insolvency Practitioners will be submitting the employee claims to the Redundancy Payments Service, who will then process and pay all valid employee claims"

One former employee said they do not expect to be reimbursed this side of Christmas, but they are 'pleased' to at least be getting their hard-earned cash back.