AN alleged sex attacker locked a bedroom door 'multiple times' as 'worried' flatmates knocked and found a woman 'naked' inside, a court heard.

Rhys John, then a University of Worcester physiotherapy student, denies sexually assaulting the woman while she was drunk and being sick in a bedroom.

The 20-year-old of Needham Drive, Crewe, is accused of sexually assaulting her on December 16, 2019 as his ongoing trial continues at Worcester Crown Court.

How we reported the trial opening on Wednesday

A witness present at the house party on the evening of the alleged assault gave evidence from the witness box on Friday.

He said there were around 15 to 20 people present during the evening with plans that the group later head out to Sin or Bushwackers.

Describing the complainant as 'pretty drunk', he said she was later 'throwing up'. The defendant, he said, had told him he was 'looking after her' before going out with the others.

When he returned to check on her and the others had left, he said he knocked on the door together with another flatmate and there was 'no response'.

He said he tried the handle 'but that's when we found it was locked'.

"We were a bit worried she could be throwing up on herself or choking on her own sick. We banged on the door. It took three minutes for an answer" he said.

The witness said John opened the door and the complainant was naked in the toilet except for her underwear.

"We were a bit shocked. It was very strange," he told the jury. The witness said John was asked to leave and he said: "That's no problem. I will grab my things and head off."

"No way she has done that (taken off her clothes) in my opinion," he said.

The flatmates then left before returning five minutes later and knocking on the door again to check on the complainant, he said.

He added: "The door was locked again for some reason."

The witness described knocking again and that it took 'a couple of minutes plus' for John to answer the door.

"She looked passed out" he said, describing the complainant. He told the jury the defendant had said he had 'put her to bed'.

The next time they checked the door was unlocked but 'he was under the duvet with her', he told the jury.

The witness said another male flatmate told John to leave and he 'jumped straight out'.

He said of the complainant: "She looked pretty unconscious and didn't really know what was happening."

Tom Kenning, defending, asked the witness if he was in a relationship with the complainant.

The witness said he was but 'wasn't at the time'. Mr Kenning also asked him about an incident in a nightclub after the alleged attack.

"You roughed him up, didn't you?" said Mr Kenning.

"I didn't touch him - that's incorrect" said the witness. He accepted that he had told him 'not to come near her again' but added: "I didn't lay a finger on him."

Mr Kenning also put it to him that John left the room when asked to.

"No he didn't leave" said the witness. "He kept locking the door multiple times."

The trial continues.