YOU’D probably guess that the word shokoladi had something to do with chocolate.

What you might not know is that it’s the Georgian word for the confectionery, and it’s the reason that the town has its very own Shokoladi Malvern.

Irma Goderdzishvili’s home-based business has been running for a little under two years.

She is originally from Georgia, where she lived in a small town called Signagi, which has beautiful views on the Caucasus mountains and the Alazani Valley.

Having moved to Worcestershire, she says: “I love Malvern, its hills, fresh air and the people who are always very friendly.

“I make chocolates where all is handmade and homemade.

“I make my own bean to bar chocolate and I am the only chocolate maker in Worcestershire who makes their own chocolate and works with it afterwards.

Bean to bars (sugar-free keto ones are also available)

Bean to bars (sugar-free keto ones are also available)


“I make bean to bars, bonbons, truffles, fudges, marshmallows etc. All is plant based , free from lecithins and gluten and dairy.”

Irma says her proudest moment was when I actually started selling.

“It was a hobby and became a business after being asked by school mums if I’d sell chocolates. I was a bit shy and worried about charging anyone for my chocolate but I soon realised there was a market for plant-based fresh chocolates.

“I don’t freeze anything and all is made freshly and sold in a day or two.

“I am just so grateful I have lovely customers and whatever they request I think I could deliver!”


Packed bonbons

Packed bonbons

In fact, such has been the success of Irma’s business that she’s realised she can no longer manage working from her kitchen: “”I am hoping to a have a workshop soon. The business has grown and grown and I’ve realised I can’t work from my home kitchen any longer!”

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