KEEP your eyes to the skies as September 2021's full moon is due this week.

This month's full moon is known as the Harvest or Corn Moon because it provided enough early evening moonlight for farmers to harvest their summer crops.

For a few nights in a row in the Northern Hemisphere during September the moon rises about the same time every evening.

This year's Harvest Moon can be seen best in Worcestershire's skies in the early hours of tomorrow morning Tuesday, September 21 at 12.54am.

The moon should rise tonight at 6.10 PM and set at 7.03am.

And there is good news for people hoping to spot it.

In Worcester, according to the Met Office it is due to be a clear night with temperatures of 10C.

The chance of rain is very slim at less than five per cent.

If you miss out on the Harvest Moon, you can catch a glimpse of the Hunter's Moon on October 20 and the Beaver Moon on November 19.

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