CYCLISTS came out onto the city streets for their latest protest ride at the weekend.

Around 20 members of Woo Critical Mass, or all ages, met near Cafe Viaduct in the city before riding off around the city on Saturday morning.

The Critical Mass event follows similar ones around the world, and Saturday's was the fourth held by the new group.

The movement has been described as direct action in which people meet at a set location and time and travel as a group through their local area on bikes.

Worcester Critical Mass organisers are demanding more and better cycling provision in the city.

But Worcestershire County Council says it is "committed", through its Local Transport Plan, to improving walking and cycling links, or ‘Active Travel Corridors’, throughout the county.

Many of the group on the weekend ride also wore colourful, rainbow clothes in support of PrideOutUK - a cycling group that promotes cycling for all abilities, ages, body shapes, ethnicities, gender identities and sexualities.

Fleur Visser, one of those who take part in the ride, said: "Beautiful weather for today's colourful Critical Mass bike ride."