A GROUP of 17 fundraisers jumped 13,000 feet out of an aircraft for a charity skydive last week.

Annabel Amphlett, an interior designer from Worcester, organised the jump to raise money for the Worcestershire Breast Unit Haven - which raised £31,600.

She said: "It was exhilarating, terrifying and awesome all at the same time."

The jump took place last Saturday at Hinton Skydiving centre in Northamptonshire.

Annabel said she was strapped to an instructor as she tumbled out of the aircraft - reaching speeds of up to 120mph.

For 45 seconds, the skydivers somersaulted and went into free fall before the instructors opened their parachutes for a "gentle" five-minute descent.

She said: "I counted every breath for that 45 seconds.

"The noise was incredible and the G-force on my face was so strong I could hardly breathe.

"But once the parachute opened, it was the most amazing experience, just so calm and quiet.

"The instructor and I could chat normally, spotting landmarks and pointing out the towns and villages. It was such a buzz.

"Everyone was just brilliant and we’ve raised such a fantastic amount of money for a wonderful cause. I’m so grateful to everyone who took part and a big thank you to all the incredible donors for supporting this amazing charity."

The 51-year-old was joined by Jevan Taylor, Kendall Wadley, Jeremy and Sue Morris, daughters Jessica and Maisie, and Candy Connolly.

Also making the leap were Charles Moyle, Charles Whitworth; Savannah and Pete Edwards, Patricia Marlar, Caroline Leah her sons Alex and Oliver, Russ Good and Jessica Wells.

Worcestershire Breast Unit Haven, based at Worcestershire Royal Hospital, provides practical and emotional support to the 800 women and seven men diagnosed with breast cancer in the county each year, working closely with specialist NHS teams to provide care.

Fiona Charny, chair of the trustees at the breast cancer unit, said her thanks to the group.

She said: "Huge thanks and admiration go to each and every one of the skydivers

"They are so brave and fearless and we love how they just went for it in terms of both fundraising and the challenge.

"Thank you too to everybody who donated in support of those jumping.

"This money is so important for us in supporting women and men in Worcestershire through their breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment."