A SHOCKED customer has complained about indoor vaping at a Worcester restaurant, after witnessing two people smoke e-cigarettes at the bar.

In a video sent to Worcester News, two people can be seen vaping whilst sitting at the bar at The Vine Bar and Grill on Ombersley Road.

The disgruntled customer said they were shocked to see that smoking the e-cigarettes indoors was allowed and has made a complaint to the police.

However, a spokesman for the restaurant has said that whilst vaping is against their policy, the act is not illegal in the UK.

The spokesman said: "No members of staff were present at the time, but if there was, the customers would have been directed to our outdoor smoking area."

The NHS website provides guidance on smoking e-cigarettes indoors.

It reads: "In England, the Government has no plans to ban vaping indoors (although some employers have banned them in the workplace) but some health professionals recommend avoiding using them around pregnant women, babies and children."