Worcester police "reassure" public after releasing guidance on how to keep homes safe whilst they investigate a "number" of burglaries in Worcestershire.

Among those being investigated are the woman who returned to her home in Northwick Avenue on Sunday to intruders in her home, the giant television that was stolen from Worcester Racecourse earlier this month, as well as the ram raid at a Spar petrol station in Pershore two weeks ago.

West Mercia Police said the tips will help decrease the number of potential burglaries in the county.

Detective Constable Jodi Lothian said: "We understand that when the weather is warm people want to get fresh air into their homes but it is really important to keep you and your property safe.

"If you follow our advice you can protect your home while still enjoying these final warm months. Many of the tips given are inexpensive to adopt and just good habits to get into.

"As a force we work tirelessly to keep members of our community safe.

"Our We Don’t Buy Crime Team is our dedicated response to tackling serious acquisitive crime such a burglary and theft as well as associated harm.

"A part of the We Don’t Buy Crime work, we liaise with second hand shops, fuel stations and utilise covert tactics to tackle the harm associated with crimes like burglary and prevent the targeting and exploitation of vulnerable people.

"I’d like to also reassure the public that we are working hard to detect those responsible for committing recent house burglaries and bring them to justice.

"If you have any information that can help our investigation, or someone has tried to sell you high value jewellery and watches recently which have left you suspicious, please call 101 or visit our website to make a report.

"Alternatively, if you have information but don’t feel comfortable speaking to police, you can speak to the independent charity Crimestoppers. It is 100% anonymous, they never ask your name and they cannot trace your call or I.P address. You can contact them online or by calling 0800 555 111."

Here are some top tips to keep your home secure

• Ensure ALL windows and doors are locked when you leave your property

• Ensure ground floor windows and doors, and easy accessible upper floor windows are locked at night

• Ensure ladders are locked away/down at all times

• Remove opportunities for burglars to hide by increasing lines of sight at the front of your property by trimming hedges and trees

• Grow prickly hedges, roses around the perimeter of your back garden, these are known as defensive plants and provide a level of deterrence

• Security light; install a dusk to dawn outside security light (at head height by front and back doors) this will enhance levels of surveillance/vision and will deter potential offenders

• Intruder alarm systems and CCTV are effective in crime prevention and will improve levels of security at the property. Please note they should not be used in lieu of basic security measures

• Secure side gates, ensure they are well maintained and keep them padlocked at all times

• Keep valuables out of sight and away from windows and doors

• Join your local neighbourhood watch

• Wheelie bins and tools can be used to gain access to your home, keep wheelie bins out of view (ideally back garden) and lock away tools in a safe place

• Clear or hide heavy loose debris from garden areas such as bricks, slabs etc. as these can be used to access your home

• Ensure sheds are padlocked at all times, shed alarms can be used to protect your shed

• Ensure garage doors are secured and locked at all times

• Ensure your property is marked to increase the likelihood of it being recovered in the event of theft, use products such as Smartwater and advertise the fact your property is marked by using stickers in windows