Vegans who love Greggs will be delighted to see the launch of this year’s autumn menu.

Two new vegan offerings are among six new items being added to the menu this month.

After causing controversy with the introduction of the vegan sausage role in 2019, Greggs has continued to grow its vegan offering.

In July, the bakery chain introduced the Vegan Sausage, Bean and CheeZe Melt, designed to mirror some of the iconic features of the Sausage, Bean and Cheese Melt.

Now alongside a host of new treats available this autumn, Greggs will also be offering the new Vegan Bacon Breakfast roll and the Vegan Sausage Breakfast roll, as their latest plant-based alternatives.

Six new items coming to Greggs

The new items will be offered across the country available in more than 100 stores nationwide.

The Vegan Bacon Breakfast Roll is made from a delicious smoky flavour plant-based bacon, packed into a freshly baked corn top roll. 

The Vegan Sausage Breakfast Roll is made from Quorn Sausage and like the bacon version will set you back £1.90.

But that doesn’t mean meat lovers have been forgotten, Greggs has also launched the Roast Chicken & Stuffing Baguette (£3.20) and the Spicy Chicken and Red Pepper Soup (£2.00).

And if you’re looking for a side dish to try, Greggs has introduced the Hash Brown 2 Pack (£1.00) to go alongside your breakfast roll and morning coffee.

For those with a sweet tooth, the Sticky Toffee Muffin will also be returning to stores nationwide and will set you back £1.05.