MORE people have come forward to share their experiences with a Pershore builder, saying he left their home renovations unfinished despite taking money for deposits.

Andrew Perry, director of IBUILD Contractors Ltd, has come under question after more than 20 of his customers have come forward to say they believe they are owed money by the builder.

Mr Perry maintains the claims are "ridiculous" and the downhill spiral of the company was down to "bad decisions." 

Catherine Lowe, from Pershore, said she was "absolutely horrified" at the workmanship.

"I am now left with a leaky roof - it was shocking beyond belief."

Mrs Lowe said she had inquired for a pest control company to install guarding on her roof due to a pigeon nest, when she received a "cold call" from Mr Perry.

"I suffer from mental health problems so at the time I wasn’t well at all, but he gave me a quote for £500 and I went ahead with the work."

Mrs Lowe hired the builder between June and September last year, but claims she was left with a leaky roof, and "heaps" of mortar in her garden.

"After they left I looked around and I was distraught," she said.

"They made a complete mess and the worst thing is the two builders I've had come out to fix it won't touch it because of how bad it is."

Mr Perry claims his team did not return after Mrs Lowe complained about a broken garden chair.

Steven Griffiths, from St. Peters said he came across Mr Perry on the Rated People website and booked him for a new conservatory roof.

He said: "He quoted me £5,000 in total and asked for a 50% deposit, which I wasn't comfortable giving.

"In the end I paid him £2,900 in March this year, which he gave me receipts for."

Mr Griffiths said a crew came in and removed the roof but left it unfinished when they failed to turn up at the agreed start date.

Worcestershire Trading Standards is currently investigating the case but Mr Perry said the works were subbed out to a different contractor after the design "did not work".

Mr Griffiths said: "I feel the law doesn't seem to protect the injured parties."

Chris Bracewell, from Pershore, was contacted by Mr Perry in November last year and was quoted £970 - however no works were started.

He said: "As the January start date came and went, I had various communications where new start dates were agreed and subsequently missed.

"Finally in May, having spoken to Mr Perry and expressing my frustration, he confirmed he would call me by the end of the week with a revised start date."

Mr Bracewell said he wasn't contacted by Mr Perry and all subsequent attempts to contact him were unanswered.

But the builder said that the customer was aware of the wait time for the materials and was happy with it initially.