Creepy footage has been captured showing the inside of a derelict hotel left decaying since its closure more than a decade ago.

The Raven Hotel in Droitwich is a ghost of its former glory in the video uploaded to Youtube.

Since its closure in 2010, the once luxurious place now lies derelict and abandoned as found by Youtuber Urban Uncovered.

The video showed the outside of the former hotel, inciting nostalgia for residents in the area - but the inside was far from the grandeur it used to be.

Entering the building from a ground floor window, the vlogger found a "rank" bathroom, "battered" floors and 11-year-old rotting wine menus.

The wallpaper can be seen hanging from walls and ceilings and the grand piano was not so grand any longer - but strangely the light fixtures and chandeliers look untouched.

The grade II listed building, in Victoria Square, dates back to the 16th century and was also used as a wedding venue.

But the ballroom looks almost ghostly, with only the concrete fireplace and bar left in place.

In April 2012, around half of the building was destroyed by a fire, of which the damage can been seen in the footage.

Footage of the upper levels of the building could not be obtained due to the level of decay internally and the entrance to the stairs outdoors were boarded up.

The hotel closed when a decision was taken to move all business from the hotel in St Andrew's Street to sister hotel the Chateau Impney.

The iconic black-and-white building is soon to be partly demolished to make way for 51 new homes, preserving the long-term future of the building.

Droitwich Spa famously became the only saltwater spa town in Britain when John Corbett created the first spa, St Andrew's Brine Baths, in 1887 as part of the Raven Hotel.

The first baths opened in the 1830s, taking advantage of the natural brine springs that have been used in the town since Roman times.