A LORRY driver is concerned that he won't be able to lend a helping hand with the country's driver shortage crisis, after the DVLA has not renewed his entitlement.

Derek Taylor, who has been driving for 50 years, said he is "shocked" that his HGV entitlement has not been renewed on his driver's licence.

The 72-year-old said he has never had an accident, hasn't got any points on his licence and has passed his annual medical checks.

He said: "The government needs HGV drivers right now, but because of this error - I can't help out.

"I've called up agencies to see if I can lend a hand, but without my entitlement my hands are tied."

Due to Mr Taylor's age, the DVLA requires his licence to be renewed on a yearly basis - however after four months of waiting, the former bus driver said he doesn't want to be without his licence again.

He said: "They said they're 11 months behind because of the pandemic, but how many people have they done this to?

"I have sent a complaint, but you can't ring them and nobody has been in contact with me.

"There must be a lot of people like me - who want to help but can't."

The Powick-based driver said he obtained his training in 1990, however he does not have the Certificate of Professional Competence, which has been a requirement for all HGV and LGV drivers since 2009.

It involves training, medical exams and testing, along with top-up training to be completed every 5 years.

But large goods vehicle drivers who gained their licence prior to September 10 2009 have "Grandfather rights", which mean the CPC is not required.

Mr Taylor said: "The only thing that could be preventing me from having my entitlement is the CPC, but in my case I have grandfather rights.

"I obtained a CPC in 1990 and the international one in 1991, so I'm very shocked I've been left in this position."

Worcester News contacted DVLA for a comment. A representative confirmed they are currently looking in to Mr Taylor's case, but could not provide a comment.