A PETROL station in Worcester has saved its remaining fuel for emergency services and keyworkers.

Police, fire service, NHS and ambulance staff as well as care workers can fill up at ESSO garage in Broomhall, off the A4440 Ketch roundabout.

The petrol station, on the A38, has temporarily stopped serving the general public to make sure that keyworkers are able to fill up their cars.

Some petrol stations in Worcester are currently without fuel while others have queues with motorists desperate to fill up.

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Co-owner Michelle Luxton said: "The petrol we have left is for emergency vehicles and emergency workers such as police, NHS, fire and careworkers who have ID with them.

"We are limiting our fuel for emergency staff and keyworkers and, of course, if an ambulance or police car turn up.

"We were service everyone this morning but then we have had to close to general public now because we are running low so we have kept a reserve for emergency workers.

"We're due another deliver tomorrow (Tuesday), Wednesday and Thursday which is when we will open back up to the general public. 

"We just wanted to make sure we are providing fuel for those local emergency services and workers who need it."

She said at the moment there were four people who were eligible for the fuel on the forecourt.

They have saved 1,500 litres of each fuel grade for emergency service staff to fill up at all times.

The Esso filling station is a family-run business which has been operating in Clerkenleap, on the A38, for 15 years.

Co-owner Adam Marsh added: "It's important that we save the fuel for the emergency services.

"If an ambulance needs to get to someone's emergency they will need fuel.

"It's the same with the emergency workers.

"We need to make sure nurses can get to work otherwise it will put more pressure on the NHS or the police.

"It is vital they get there and can continue working."