A TEENAGER attacked a nurse at a Worcester hospital and hit a city police officer in the face with her urine-soaked trousers.

Alanna Knight assaulted three police officers, a nurse and a security guard and damaged Worcester hospital property and her dad's house in Droitwich when she 'blacked out' after taking drugs.

The 19-year-old, originally from Florida, came to the Westlands estate in Droitwich to live with her dad, a man she had never previously met, following problems with drugs in the US.

Appearing before magistrates in Worcester on Monday, she pleaded guilty to eight offences: criminal damage to a book in her police cell in Worcester which she ripped up and threw in the toilet; assaulting emergency workers PC Chris Burgess, PC James Potter, PC Sarah Harvey; common assault against hospital security guard Harjas Singh; common assault against nurse Jennifer Harris; criminal damage to plugs, sockets and fittings at Worcestershire Royal Hospital in Worcester; criminal damage to her dad's house in Droitwich which involved her throwing garden ornaments, a brick and a bike at the house, damaging wood panelling and a front door.

The offences all happened between August 4 and 5 this year and the court heard she had no memory of the incidents. She was described in a pre-sentence report as suffering 'a blackout' and by her own solicitor, Fergus Maxwell, as having experienced 'a total loss of control'.

Owen Beale, prosecuting, said: "She had started to keep the wrong company in the United States and got in a degree of bother over there."

Knight got a flight to Heathrow from Orlando in Florida to come and live with her dad 'to try and help her get away from some of those problems which do seem to have involved an engagement with drugs', said Mr Beale.

Her father had become concerned she was using drugs again and there was an incident last December where it was believed she had 'overdosed on something' and an ambulance was called. Police arrived as well.

"That caused some ill-feeling" said Mr Beale. On August 3 further concerns were raised about the possibility of her having taken drugs.

Knight was described as acting in an 'untoward manner' to her father and exhibiting 'quite bizarre behaviour' including 'going up and down the stairs constantly'.

Police were called and she was taken to Worcester hospital 'because it was feared she had overdosed on drugs'. There she assaulted a nurse, a member of the security staff and two police officers on August 4.

She had been deemed fit to leave hospital and 'didn't take kindly to that'. "She became confrontational towards the medical personnel," said Mr Beale.

Knight was described as rugby-tackling a nurse which left a bruise behind her knee and punching a security guard to the face and upper right arm. Officers arrived and had to restrain her and put her in handcuffs.

"She was screaming, shouting and making verbal threats" said Mr Beale.

Knight of Thatchers Piece, Droitwich, kicked one of the officers in the right shin which caused discomfort and tried to hit the same officer with her elbow. She attempted to bite another officer on the wrist as that officer tried to restrain her.

She then 'smashed up sockets, switches and equipment in the cubicle she was in,' said Mr Beale.

Later told to leave her father's home, she 'started to throw things at the house', including a bike and a brick at the windows. She also used a concrete slab and an ornament in the attack. The damage was described as 'dents and scuff marks'. In the police station she tore up a book and put some of it in the toilet in her cell before she hit an officer in the face with her 'urine-soaked trousers'.

"Being hit in the face with a pair of urine-soaked trousers is definitely unpleasant" said Mr Beale.

Magistrates imposed a 12 month community order to include 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days and made an exclusion requirement which prevents her from attending her father's address in Woodman's Rise, Droitwich for six months. No costs or compensation were awarded because of the defendant's lack of means.