ANGRY scenes erupted during the Worcester trial of a man accused of making threats with a firearm, an allegation which led to his arrest at the hands of armed police.

Dale Thorn denies possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence, claiming he was 'set up' by men who came to his door to 'beat him up'.

The 39-year-old of Nailers Row, Castle Street, Evesham was arrested by armed police when the men he is alleged to have threatened called 999. The black and silver metal gun was later seized from Thorn's living room and found to be a gas-powered BB gun said by a police expert to 'closely resemble a live firearm', a Colt 1911.

Thorn could be heard talking in the dock when witness Wayne Fellows, one of the men he said attended his address that night, pointed at the defendant as he left court.

Mr Fellows could be heard to say: "Don't you make no threats to me boy!" In another, earlier exchange Mr Fellows shouted at the defendant 'shut your mouth - tell the truth and stop wasting public money!'

The allegation is that Thorn threatened Ben Terry and Wayne Terry with the realistic looking metal BB gun when they attended his flat on July 19, 2018.

Thorn said in his police interview that it had been Mr Fellows, one of the men who came to his address, who sold him that gun for £30. He accepted having the gun in his hand when he answered the door but denied threatening anyone with it.

He told officers that 'three people had been kicking my door', went away and came back an hour later 'smashing the door again'.

"I was scared" he told officers. He said he had not let them in, telling officers he believed they were angry with him because had taken an 18-year-old woman out for a drink.

Dale described the men kicking his door for about 15 minutes and that neighbours had come out of their flats to see what was happening. When the men went away he said he left the block of flats, without the airgun, and that he was told by the men to 'get back in your flat or we're going to beat you up'. Dale said he believed they wanted him back in his flat because 'they knew you guys (the police) were coming and they knew what was going to happen'.

"It was a set up to get me in trouble. I was very scared, yeah" he said.

Thorn said he had not taken the air pistol outside his flat and had just wanted to scare the men away from his property.

"An air pistol will hurt but a knife will kill. I'm not a killer" said Thorn, telling officers it would not just be his fingerprints on the pistol.

He added: "If they were so intimidated by the gun, why would they wait outside?"

Thorn said: "They're laughing because they got you to do their dirty work."

Wayne Fellows, who gave evidence from the witness box, said Thorn had tried to set up a fight between him and Mr Terry and that both had gone around by car to Thorn's flat to find out what had happened.

Mr Fellows said Mr Terry had knocked on the door - he denied it had been kicked - and Thorn opened it, swore and pointed the gun, saying: "Do you want some of this?"

He described Thorn as 'shouting and screaming'. Mr Fellows denied selling the gun to Thorn and disputed he had ever seeing it before.

Mr Fellows said Thorn had been saying 'provocative things to someone else's lady'.

Describing the incident, he told a jury when he saw the gun he did not know whether it was real or not and his thought had been: "Could it do damage? Would it do damage?"

The trial continues.