ALTHOUGH the beautiful elephants have been removed from the city centre trail you can still see them all together for the final time this week.

For eight weeks in the summer of 2021, Worcester was brought to life by a parade of beautifully decorated elephant sculptures.

66 elephants – both big and small – formed a stunning, free art trail through the city’s streets and open spaces, bringing together the community for one unforgettable event.

Each sculpture was sponsored by a business and individually designed by an artist – either well-known or just starting out, from the Worcestershire area or further afield.

They marched into the city on Tuesday, July 13 – before leaving again on Sunday, September 5.

However, there is still the chance to say a final ‘goodbye’ at a Farewell Event, before each elephant is auctioned to raise funds for St Richard’s Hospice.

Worcestershire County Cricket Club will host the event which will take place from September 30 – October 3, and again from October 7 – October 10.

Sara Matthews, project lead for Worcester’s Big Parade and business development manager at St Richard’s Hospice, who organised the parade, said: "It has been an absolute joy to bring our herd of techni-colour elephants to the city this summer.

"While we will be sad to see them leave the city on Sunday, we look forward to our Farewell Events taking place at Worcestershire County Cricket Club.

"After the Farewell Events, the giant elephants – and one ele-baby – will be auctioned to raise funds for St Richard’s Hospice.

"The ele-babies will return to the groups and schools which decorated them as a lasting memento of the project.

"We would like to say an ele-fantastic ‘thank you’ to everyone who’s visited Worcester’s Big Parade and supported St Richard’s Hospice this summer!”