BAKING banana bread or watching Tiger King on Netflix may have filled most people's days during lockdown.

But one woman set herself the goal of planting 70 trees in a field in Fernhill Heath to mark her 70th birthday in March 2020.

But as the lockdowns continued, Sheena Kelly kept up her hard work and has now planted 483 trees in her three-acre field.

She said: "Now, it is a waiting game, but l can hardly wait for spring and summer to see how things grow and change.

"I was impressed during last year how well these new saplings grew and we were lucky to have plenty of rain to see them through the thankfully brief drought.

"Soon, the field will have all the elements to take off on its own, without too much help from me, just some mowing at the end of the year."

Worcester News:

Sheena bought several Woodland Trust Hedge Starter packs which are a mix of native trees that are fruit and berry bearing.

Planting trees has been a learning curve for the 71-year-old, the first tree, a 3ft oak, nibbled down to a stub by muntjac.

Sheena has learned the right tools and conditions needed to plant and keep the trees safe from animals looking for a bite to eat.

She feels it is a small gesture towards protecting the environment and wildlife from the threat from Climate Change.

Planting more trees will have the benefit of reducing carbon in the atmosphere as well as providing much needed shade from the increasing heat.

"Already, the field is full of little voles scurrying around in the grass.

Worcester News:

"There have been frogs and l even saw a grass snake recently. So it is really coming back to life.

"It is interesting to see and compare it to the other side of the field, which is just plain grass and regularily mown like a lawn.

"Eventually, I want to be able to sit back and watch all the birds, bees and butterflies that come by to visit my field and feel that my work is done."