THE final chance to say farewell to the Big Parade elephants has begun at Worcestershire County Cricket Club today (Thursday).

People have the opportunity to see all the St Richard's Hospice elephants in one place at the Farewell Event before they are taken to auction.

It comes at the end of the eight-week trail in the city where thousands of people 'collected' the elephants on an app.

Veronica and Brian Richards, from Worcester, had come to the cricket ground to see the elephants on Thursday morning.

Mrs Richards said: "This is the first time I have seen them.

"We always do this event at the end of the trail and always support St Richard's Hospice.

Worcester News:

"All hospices are great and provide an important service and St Richard's is our local one so we like to support them."

Mr Richards added: "I saw some of the big ones and a few of the smaller ones but we didn't have the chance to see all of them.

"We think it is important to support St Richard's.

"I have had cancer before but didn't have to use their services.

"We do know people who have used St Richard's and realise what a wonderful hospice they are."

People were busy milling about the cricket pitch which is the temporary home for the bigger elephants and a marquee which houses the smaller statues on Thursday morning.

Sara Matthews, business development manager for St Richard’s Hospice, said she would be sad to see them go.

She said: "I live and breathe it for 18 months so it becomes a big part of my life.

"It has been amazing to see people's reactions to the sculptures and the trail and seeing everyone going out and about again.

"This is the first and only time the public can see the sculptures all together in one place.

"The trail was six miles long which can be quite far for some people so this is an opportunity for people to see them all together that perhaps couldn't see them all on the trail.

"I'm excited to see everyone at the Farewell Event - it's my favourite part of the trail.

"There's something quite special about seeing them all together and appreciating them in their own right and seeing how individual they all are."

She added that she hoped they could reach or surpass the £210,000 raised at auction during the auction for the Worcester Stands Tall giraffe statues in 2018.

The Farewell Event run from until Sunday, October 3 and then returns on Thursday, October 7 until Sunday, October 10.

Tickets are available from

People can also bid on the elephants ahead of the Live Auction at DRPG, Hartlebury, on Thursday, October 14.