A TONGUE-in-cheek tweet from a popular cafe has challenged people to 'keep walking' past chain coffee shops.

Instead, Marc James from Crumpets and Coffee has urged people to try an independent coffee shop instead.

The city isn't short of great independents, including Mr James' coffee shop in Angel Place which he has owned for four years.

But Worcester also has a lot of chain coffee shops in its city centre including two Starbucks, three Costa Coffee shops and a Caffe Nero.

Mr James said while he is not completely serious in his challenge he does believe people get a better experience in his cafe.

He said: "I don’t believe people should do anything.

"I think it might be a nice change of pace for customers that are used to the chains to try an independent.

"I speak for my own business and the others I mentioned in my Instagram post - that we genuinely care about our customers and our product.

"I would like to think that a customer would get a much more personal experience when entering my shop and being a patron in my business.

"I care about the individual customer, their requirements, and their enjoyment of my product.

"Also, with regards to the majority of independent coffee shops in Worcester, they offer more value for money and unique product offerings."

Mr James said he was passionate about coffee and coffee culture in the UK and said the chains were necessary and favoured by many.

"They have also done a wonderful job in raising the profile of coffee in the UK especially to a younger demographic.

"That being said I, and I can only speak for my own business, truly believe a consumer will receive a better quality product with more consistency, at a better price."

The majority of the top rated coffee shops on TripAdvisor are independent businesses, but Mr James said it takes more than just being independent to attract customers.

"We have some wonderful businesses in Worcester and not just independent coffee shops.

"I do however, firmly believe that consumers should put their custom where they believe it is deserved.

"Just because we are independent does not give us the right to demand support and custom.

"We are obliged to offer great products equalled with exemplary service.

"I have worked in customer service for over 20 years and have always believed  customer service is the easiest job in the world if you genuinely care about your customers.

"The Crumpets and Coffee Lounge isn’t just a job for me - it’s my passion, it’s my community  and it’s my pleasure."