What happened and where?

A man was shot by police in Worcester.

At around 9am today, Saturday, October 2, police shot a man, believed to be 31.

Police said they were responding to reports that a man had been seen in a car with a rifle.

The shooting occurred near the Gun Tavern on Ronkswood Hill, just off Newtown Road.

The man received injuries to his leg and is being treated by medical professionals. His injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

Newtown Road was shut off from the Turnpike Medical Centre to the top of the hill where it turns into Humber Road, causing bus routes to be diverted.

How we broke the news

What have the police said so far?

Assistant Chief Constable Rachel Jones said: “This is an extremely unusual incident for our policing area. We understand that the local community and wider area will be shocked by the events in Ronkswood Hill this morning.

She added: “We do not believe there to be any wider threat to the local community and we have referred this to our Professional Standards Department (PSD) and the Independent Office of Police Conduct (IOPC) to review.”

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What do local residents say?

The air ambulance helicopter landed just metres from the home of Ewout van der Kleijn.

He said: “Just bizarre. I've lived here since 2005 and we've had for the most time no issues. Apart from the incessant littering in the alley between Newton Road and where we live it's a super relaxed community and lovely people.

“Just heard the helicopter arrive. We get them passing and sometimes police helicopters hover but never this close.

“When we saw the details of the incident from the West Mercia Police Twitter feed later on, it was pretty shocking. We go and get fresh croissants from time to time on a Saturday morning. You wouldn't expect to see anything like this in Worcester while getting your breakfast.

“Well done and many thanks to the brave ladies and gentlemen of our local armed response unit for foiling a potentially deadly incident.”

Another eyewitness, Connor Dennis, said: "Earlier in the morning we had heard a lot of emergency service presence including helicopters and multiple ground vehicles, when we got to the bottom of the driveway (which is where Ronkswood Hill meets Newtown Road) there was a substantial police presence with well over five vehicles and some armed officers, most with tasers though.”

Local resident Thomas wasn’t at home when the incident occurred but found out when he was called by his family.

He said: “I was shocked. I never expected something like this to happen round here, I thought this was a nice area.

“I hope my girlfriend doesn't hear about this, she knows I live near The Gun Tavern, she'll be worried about me."

What will happen now?

Police have been at Newtown Road all day, with tents set up near to where the shooting happened. 

The shooting has been referred to West Mercia's Professional Standards Department (PSD) as well as the Independent Office of Police Conduct (IOPC), who will now investigate.