KEEPING socially connected is important for our health, and one way to engage with others is through the sharing of stories and memories.

For many people, looking at old photographs and thinking about what they have done in the past can trigger many memories and conversations. They can also be a great way to learn more about a person you may be supporting, by providing topics for discussion.




Two new free websites are hoping to combine health and heritage to help people feel connected.




The Know Your Place Worcester – click here – website allows you to explore maps and images of Worcester past and present, while Life Stories Herefordshire and Worcestershire – click here – enables you to capture your life story in your own words and pictures, and to share it with others if you choose.

Researchers at the University of Worcester are exploring how people use these two websites and what their experiences have been.




They are inviting anyone who has used either of these websites to complete a short, anonymous survey to share their thoughts and experiences.

What do you think about the websites? Have they prompted any memories for you? Have you learnt more about your local area? Please get involved by clicking here to give us feedback on Know Your Place Worcester or click here to comment on Life Stories Herefordshire and Worcestershire.