The Draconid meteor shower is a highlight for many stargazers and many people are hoping to catch a glimpse of it this weekend.

The shower will take place from October 7 to 11 but is expected to peak on Friday evening, moving into Saturday. 

The Draconoids, named after the constellation of Draco the dragon, happens once a year. 

Meteor showers are best seen in total darkness and places with little or no light pollution. 

Worcester News: Credit: PACredit: PA

What is the weather forecast? 

According to the Met Office, the forecast tonight is dry with clear skies initially, which will hopefully make for good viewing of the meteor. 

There may be some cloud and mist as the night goes on and temperatures will range from 12-18 degrees. 

Where is the best place to view the meteor? 

  • Malvern Hills
  • Lickey Hills
  • The Clent Hills
  • Aunt Phoebe's Recreation Ground
  • Rollright Stones Ancient Monument
  • Brindley Bottom Car Park
  • Camp Field Car Park

You can see the full list of recommended places to view the meteor on the Go Stargazing website.