WE had a great reaction to the 1957 photograph sent to us from the other side of the world by a Worcester ex-pat.

Roger Pierce, originally from Worcester and who now lives in Australia, sent us the picture a couple of weeks ago; one which captures the mood of the late 1950s for lads up and down the country.

The picture was taken at the Wharf Hotel, Holt Fleet, and Roger was keen to know what had become of them.

Reader Roger Garland got in touch. He said “One of those pictured is my father-in-law, Colin Newman. He is on the back row, one in from the right.

“Colin is still living in Worcester as some apples didn’t fall far from the tree!

“He tells me that seven of the lads in the photo in the newspaper travelled back to Worcester from The Wharf Hotel in a V8 Ford Pilot car (no seat belts in those days!)


A Ford V8 Pilot

A Ford V8 Pilot


“When they turned off the A38 in Fernhill Heath heading for Warndon, the car bumped into the wall of The White Hart pub!”

Roger in Australia was delighted to hear about Colin.

He said: “I met Colin at WH Wards (machine turning lathe manufacturers). At the time I was only 15 years old, however it is still vivid in my mind to this day.

“Colin, as I recall, was a very talented and precise machinist and socially always the best dressed of our group.

“I have over the years returned to Worcester more than a dozen times however lost track of the lads, except for Mike Willmott and Tony (Haggis) Hale.”

More poignantly, on our We grew up in Worcester page on Facebook, Lorraine Ritchie posted: “What a lovely memory. My dad Reg Fowler passed away in 2011, always in my heart.”

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