A COUPLE who run a popular fashion shop in Reindeer Court are set to retire after 22 years.

But their shop Fuel is set to remain open with Simon and Susan Benhamou currently in negotiations with a new owner.

The couple have run the clothing shop since 1998 and have seen trends change over the two decades.

Their son and daughter live in the United States and they hope to spend more time with them during their retirement.

Mr Benhamou said: "We are one of the longest tenants in Reindeer Court and we want the shop to carry on.

"We are both getting on a bit and we want to make sure we can pass it on to the right person.

"We're in negotiations and we want to reassure our customers that Fuel will carry on and still stay as it is now."

The couple started out in a smaller unit in the 1990s with Dare which is now occupied by Neighbourhood Deli.

Fuel is based at 11 Reindeer Court selling women's fashion including clothing, shoes and accessories.

Mr Benhamou continued: "At the beginning Fuel was a more upmarket brands selling expensive labels.

"Many people didn't want to pay high prices when places like Primark opened and people could get fashion for less so we moved to more affordable brands.

"People like Fuel though because it offers something different.

"But I'm 72 now and I think it's time to take life a bit more easier."

Mrs Benhamou, age 63, added: "We want to be able to spend more time with our children in the States which is just not possible when you're running a business.

"We haven't been able to see them because of the pandemic and we are both eager to spend more time with them.

"We've got lovely customers who say 'What will we do if you shut?' so we don't want to let those customers down.

"They've been very loyal to us so we want to be loyal to them and find someone who will keep the shop running."