DEAR Editor – Today (October 7) you published a front page news item regarding the proposal to revise the Lowesmoor renewal scheme, although sadly the chosen image was clearly of the original scheme as the roadside block was demonstrating the acute visual impact of a a 12-storey structure.

While it is encouraging that the revised scheme only has eight-storey units, even these will be grossly intrusive and even worse, the developers have still little or no regard for how these appallingly designed and insensitive buildings will fit into a still fascinating and full of character suburb.

Urban `rape` might have been prevalent in the 60s but thankfully by the 70s the city had realised that change, while often necessary and helpful, could be sensitive – so why now such a backwards step?

If the city planning committee accepts this then our urban future will be devastated and developer greed applauded.

Dr Malcolm Nixon