NATIONAL Rail is carrying out inspections after wooden guttering fell from a railway bridge in Worcester city centre.

A man "narrowly missed" being hit by the beam as it fell from Foregate Street railway bridge at just before 10.20am on Thursday morning (October 7).

The eyewitness said the beam fell from an arch which was about 20 feet high they estimated.

A Network Rail spokesperson said: “We’re currently examining the Grade II listed bridge at Worcester Foregate station after a section of wooden guttering fell from the historic structure.

"Once these inspections are complete we will make any necessary repairs as soon as possible.”

The eyewitness added: "The beam was about 12 or 14ft long and lots of soil and debris followed it.

"A man was walking under the bridge and it narrowly missed him as it fell.

"He was shaken but not hurt.

"I followed and walked past about 20 seconds later.

"The staff at the station seemed uncertain about what to do.

"Hopefully, they have blocked off the pavement by now.

"A fluke accident like this can endanger lives."

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