A rape suspect has appeared in the witness box to deny sex attacks on two women he met online after discussing shared rape and bondage fantasies.

Wearing a grey waistcoat, a white shirt and a red tie, Daniel Jones gave evidence from the witness box at Worcester Crown Court on Monday.

The 27-year-old denies raping both complainants, one in her Norfolk home and the other in his own home in Welland, near Malvern after picking up from her home in Weston.

The jury has previously been told that police arrived at his home in January this year after the battery on his electronic tag ran low. Captured on body worn cameras played to the jury, two officers found the second complainant inside his home during that visit. The tag had formed part of his bail conditions while he was under investigation for the first alleged rape in Norfolk last April.

Jones, described by the prosecution as being into 'domination and strangulation' and with 'an overbearing and controlling side', communicated with both women over the internet about shared sexual fantasies, including rape, using the social media platform Whisper.

Jones said of the first alleged rape in Norfolk: "We both ended up having sex, consensual sex on the floor in the front room. She took her clothes off. There wasn't any resistance." He told the jury the sex that took place was 'normal' and happened 'just the once'. "There wasn't any choking or holding down or anything like that" he said.

Jones said he had been allowed to stay the night but the woman's husband had insisted he leave in the morning before he got back.

"She decided she wanted her marriage to work but didn't want to lose me as such" he said.

Jones told the jury his departure was 'a bit rushed as we had spent a bit longer in bed than we expected'.

The defendant has already accepted stealing the woman's rings, including her wedding ring. "When I was picking up my bits and pieces away I took them with me because I thought at the time it would have been a good reason for us to be able to meet up again."

He admitted he had not sent the rings back to her.

Jones continued to message the woman because he said he wanted to 'make sure she was feeling okay'. "I wasn't fully convinced she was 100 per cent fine" he said. "I'm trying to talk to her about the roleplay that happened" he said.

One message sent to her read: "I can get into character well, can't I?"

Jones was arrested on June 26 last year, answering questions in two interviews and answering 'no comment' in a third 'on the basis I had given my full account in the best detail I possibly could'.

The trial continues.