THIS video shows the moment a man is caught breaking into a car - only to calmly walk away and try a neighbour's car door moments later.

The brazen thief was disturbed while looking into the car in Millhams Avenue, Warndon Villages at 3am on Monday morning.

There have been a spate of car thefts in the area with one resident spotting a man with a flashlight looking into cars.

Thieves have made off with two pairs of expensive headphones in Debdale Avenue and rummaged through glove boxes and coin holders of several vehicles.

Kim Bishopp believes her partner disturbed the thief in the early hours when he looked out of the blinds after her security light switched on.

He can be seen on a neighbour's CCTV calmly walking away and then is caught on a second neighbour's Ring doorbell trying another car door.

Miss Bishopp said: "It was a bit unnerving.

"What I couldn't believe was how he very calmly walked away.

"I just can't believe how blasé he is, he just strolled up the road to the next car."

She said her car had been sat on the drive for a couple of weeks because it has a puncture.

After her partner pointed out the car door was open, she found someone had rummaged through the glove box and coin holder but she does not believe they made off with anything.

Worcester News:

She is unsure whether the car was left unlocked but is warning people to make sure that they make sure the car doors are locked and no valuables are left inside.

"As soon as it became clear someone had been through my car it freaked me out a bit.

"Before I get in it I am going to disinfect the car.

"This is a quiet little cul-de-sac, it's the type of place you think you could leave your car unlocked.

"But it just doesn't feel nice to know that someone has been in your car."

Do you recognise the man in the video or do you have any information about the car break-ins? Call police on 101 or report online at