THE final figure for the Big Parade elephant statue auction managed to smash the previous total raising important funds for St Richard's Hospice.

Last night's auction at DRPG in Hartlebury brought in an incredible £368,800 for the charity which provides care for people with life-limiting conditions in south Worcestershire.

Here's how we reported the auction live

It was an exciting night with bidding wars on popular elephants as auctioneer Philip Serrell led proceedings.

Inky the Elephant by artist Helen Haynes and Panda by artist Steve Johnson both went for an incredible £36,000.

Panda was so popular that a couple even came dressed as the bears in the hopes of winning the lot.

Global Warming by artist Inkie was another popular elephant sculpture reaching £30,000.


How much all the elephants went for:

Woolyphant £4,400

Memories of Home £7,100

Azalea £6,800

The Pears £7,500

Wellyphant £8,200

Sundown Stroll £12,500

Global Warming £30,000

Strawberrephant £8,200

Hive in the Herd £8,500

The Elephant Tree £14,000

Wild World £8,800

Muddy Walks £9,000

Ash £6,500

Silverella £7,200

Sundar £9,000

Jackson £7,000

Alex the Cleaniphant £7,800

Worcester in Porcelain £8,200

Panda £36,000

Spark-ele (Ele-Baby) £10,500

Dare to be Different £9,000

Life's Snakes and Ladders £8,200

It's What's Inside That Counts £20,000

Porcelain Elephant £7,500

Zentangle £7,500

Inky the Elephant £36,000

An Elelphant Never Forgets £11,000

We are the Music Makers £19,000

The Gardener £8,200

Leave the Herd Behind £8,000

Lucy Lavendar £18,000