ALREADY people are trying to get through the doors at a popular cafe set to reopen on Saturday.

Jason Smart says that every time the doors are open at Clockwatchers while they revamp people are trying to come in.

The new manager of the cafe in Mealcheapen Street hopes this is a sign that Saturday's reopening will be a success.

"We have about 20 people trying to come in when the door is open - any time we've left the door open people have tried to come in which is always a good sign.

"It's bang in the middle of town."

Mr Smart, from St John's, picked up the keys to the property last Thursday and has spent just over a week renovating the interior.

Worcester News:

He said he wanted to keep the old character of the building but use the space a bit better.

"The building has a lot of character, it's 300 to 400 years old, so we wanted to keep the character and add to it.

"We are trying to keep it relatively the same.

"We have updated things and moved the tables around because there was a lot of dead space and trying to make it a bit more lively.

"Upstairs is very much like the cosy area with exposed brickwork and fairylights.

"There are flowers on the wall and pink walls."

For the opening they are doing a short menu which features items such as pancakes, pork rolls and breakfasts but will be looking to expand over the coming weeks.

Six months down the line Mr Smart also hopes to be able to open in the evenings as well.

Worcester News:

He has experience in hospitality having previously run the city's Slug and Lettuce and Ginger's cafe in Stourport.

And while it has been a difficult 18 months for the hospitality industry, Mr Smart is confident that people are excited to see Clockwatchers return.

"It had a good reputation before.

"There's been a lot of interest in us reopening so I am sure that's a good sign."