A PUBLIC consultation on the future of police station front counters, suspended after just one day, is yet to have been relaunched.

The survey relates to the cutting back of the opening hours of West Mercia Police's six stations including Worcester's station in Castle Street.

The survey originally launched on Monday, (October 11), and those wanting to have their say, which could have determined how long police station front counters are open for locals to see officers face-to-face, had until October 25 to share their views.

The force made the move to make the changes as it said people were communicating more with the force online or via the phone.

But after one day being live the questionnaire was withdrawn "to make some revisions and factor in some additional considerations".

The force said on Tuesday, (October 12), it was temporary and they would provide information as to when it will be republished, but so far no further comments have been made.

When asked on Friday (October 15), a spokesman pointed us to Tuesday's statement as the latest update.

In that statement Assistant Chief Constable Rachel Jones said: “It really important to us that we hear directly from our communities on proposed service changes, so we are able to make informed decisions.

“As part of the consultation process, we are also listening to the views of stakeholders and partners including the Police and Crime Commissioner, and are taking their views and concerns into consideration.

“We know the ways in which our communities contact and engage with us has changed, with more people using the phone or digital channels and reductions in people physically coming to police buildings.

“We need to ensure we adapt to public need accordingly and are therefore looking at a number of proposals and mechanisms to ensure we meet the differing needs of our diverse communities.

“I want to reassure people, that the current proposal would see the force retain all six of its front counters with only a slight reduction in opening hours. It does not propose to change the services provided by front counter staff, or police officer numbers within the community.”