A potty-mouthed drunk man spat at and threw lager at police and damaged a woman's 'dream car' after binge drinking at a Worcester pub.

William McKay admitted two assaults against emergency workers, criminal damage and threatening behaviour when he appeared before magistrates in Worcester on Thursday.

The 22-year-old of Randwick Drive, Warndon, Worcester called officers 'pigs' and 'feds' and made an obscene sexual reference to someone's 'dead nan' during a series of incidents between September 10 and 11 this year.

Police arrived in Lime Avenue, Brickfields to reports of 'two males in possession of bats who were shouting and screaming' said Ralph Robyns-Landricombe, prosecuting.

He said the initial victim in this case was 'not supportive' of police enquiries but officers carried out an area search.

McKay was found riding his bike and was heard to say 'come on you pigs!', to swear at officers and make the obscene reference.

During the incident he twice spat towards PC Church although the saliva did not make contact with him after the officer stepped out of the way. McKay also repeated an earlier offensive slur.

"As an officer, an emergency worker just doing his job, he shouldn't have to avoid someone spitting at him" said Mr Robyns-Landricombe.

McKay also threw lager over PC Jeffries which landed on his face and uniform and left him 'drenched'.

When arrested McKay gave a 'no comment' interview.

A woman later made a complaint to police that her car had been damaged by the defendant in Lime Avenue.

Mr Robyns-Landricombe, prosecuting, said the woman referred to McKay 'shouting and swearing in the street'.

The defendant was seen pulling a gate off its hinges and throwing a bike at her car. She had an invoice for £966 which included both the cost of repairing the damage and car hire in the meantime.

A dent was caused to the car's passenger side rear wheel arch. The car's owner said: "I feel incredibly sad this happened. I bought my car over a year ago and it was my dream car and it has taken me years to save up for this car."

McKay has previous convictions for assaulting a constable, failing to surrender and two assault offences, both battery matters.

Mark Turnbull, defending, said: "Mr McKay doesn't recall and awful lot of what happened on that particular occasion, part of that because he had been drinking. He's not ordinarily a drinker."

The solicitor explained that the defendant's mother and her partner had been 'quite worried about him', referring to his mental health and that 'as a youngster he was diagnosed with ADHD'.

"He struggled at school. He struggled with education" said the solicitor.

Mr Turnbull told magistrates there was 'clearly some sort of issue' between his client and the people at the address in Lime Avenue and 'that has become quite heated'.

He went on to say that McKay 'deeply regrets what happened on that day' and recalled drinking 'six or seven pints' with a friend at the pub before going home and consuming more alcohol.

Magistrates placed him on an electronically monitored curfew between 8pm and 6am for the next three months as part of a community order.

He was ordered to pay £966 in compensation for the damage to the car and £50 each to both officers.