A man who had told the courts that he was 17 years old after being arrested for allegedly cultivating over 250 cannabis plants in Worcester has been found to be 'considerably over the age of 18'.

Officers are said to have found as many as 254 plants of the Class B drug during a search on September 30. 

The man had previously been remanded in a youth detention centre after pleading not guilty at his last court appearance on Tuesday, October 5.

However, at his most recent hearing on Wednesday, October 13, magistrates received evidence from a social worker who had conducted an age assessment which placed the defendant 'considerably over the age of 18'.

The bench then asked the man to confirm his date of birth, which he originally gave as August 24, 2003, before quickly amending his answer to a year later.

His defence made no representations after the prosecution asked the court to consider his age again. 

The court confirmed that they were satisfied that the defendant was over the age of 18.

He will now face a trial by jury at Worcester Crown Court next month. 

If found guilty, he could face up to 14 years in prison.